Welcome to Cycle Room family!

We are looking for Indoor Cycling Coach Pro or Trainee for our upcoming academy (all genders, German & English language)

  • You are already an indoor cycling coach, have fire about what you are doing and are looking for a great new team spirit and an urban stylish location to feel home?
  • Let us know, we will offer good payment and room for your next level of carreer and education inside our structure.

We are looking for new Trainees (all genders)

  • You love and do indoor cycling already at your studio and like to get the next level to become a real indoor cycling coach?
  • Let us know to invite your for our next Cycle Room Academy.

Cycle Room is located inside the last industrial area of the new Europa City

Check us out & say hello and lets meet at our new space at Heidestrasse 49.

If you are interested write us an Email to Anke(at)

We can´t wait to have you on board!

Best Anke