What to bring to my first indoor cycling experience at Cycle Room Berlin?

Just bring normal sports-wear and your own bottle of water to Cycle Room Berlin. There will be a water dispenser waiting for you. We provide special indoor cyling racing shoes with SPD-cleats & a small fleece towel for the training on the bike.

For showering, please bring your own towel.  At Cycle Room you can buy also a cool Cycle Room bottle for EUR 5.

Please arrive 20 mins. before your first ride. We need the time to show you around, find the right cycling-shoes for you and explain the bike.

What types of indoor cycling do you offer at Cycle Room Berlin?

Cycle Room Berlin provides the origin classic cycling -following Stages RPM Monitor – simulating real outdoor cycling with hills and speed phases.

At our class „INTENSIVE RIDE“ there will be also an upper body strength part – included with pump of shoulders and chest.

In generell Cycle Room Berlin does not offer dumbbells and shaky movements in the upper body.

There will be freeze and other commands tough to strengthen the core and shoulders to challenge you.

How much time earlier do I need to arrive before my class starts?

Please arrive 20 mins. before your first ride. We need the time to show you around, find the right cycling-shoes for you and explain the bike to you.

Please note that we close the door 5 min prior the class starts, to cover the group inside to enjoy a smooth experience ride

Cancellation policy

You have the option to postpone or cancel up to12 hours in advance. After that no cancellations will be accepted for your ride.


We offer courses in German and in English – check our schedule. Its say ENG if it is in English. All our coaches talk English though.

Can I use my session card also for family members

No, sorry, we do not offer Family cards, you need to be 18 years old and create your own account to book your class

What kind of music does Cycle Room Berlin plays

Music is the key!

We, at Cycle Room Berlin change frequently our music playlist, since we think, this is one of the most important assets of a good ride.

We work with a special DJ software to adapt the training steps perfectly to the music to motivate you to the reach your limits.

Since Cycle Room Berlin is made from scratch by two Berlin people, we play Berlin Clubsounds the most by Berlin DJs, with  Afro Organza, Wave, Electronica, Deep House, but also Hip Hop & 80ties.

Check the App to see whats on and gladly ask our desk for the playlist.

Booking over Urbans Sports Club

Yes, all USC M and L and XL members can join Cycle Room Berlin to enjoy a great indoor cycling experience with us.

IMPORTANT: Please note only our Cycle Room booking system is valid.

Also it can appear that you can book with Eversport, but do not have credits left at USC. Please keep track yourself. If you enter with a red scan, we would send you away or give you the option to train over extra drop in of EUR 13.

It can happen, that not all classes with USC are accessible.

This is how it works:

Create your Eversport account on our website www.cycle-room.de

Put your USC membership number next to your first name (i.e. Tina 1234567 )

Choose the M or XL, L USC Zeitkarte under products. Its valid 12 month.

Having this card you can reserve your spot.

Our team at the studio will check your usc membership before every ride,

so please make sure you really have a valid L or XL membership. Otherwise, we have to charge the ride to you.

Showers & Lockers

Cycle Room Berln is an urban style club experience ceeated in an old motorcycle garage.

We are next to our second space – a CrossFit Gym CFM CrossFit Mitte.

We have large unisex lockers in the ground floor and extra private changing room for women in the first floor at Cycle Room. For showers please ask front desk for a shower card and use the showers at our CrossFit Gym next door.