Die Musik nimmt dich mit. Folge dem Bass.
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Though business and marketing have formed the core of Nathalie’s professional life, sports and people are what the essence of what really moves her. From São Paulo, Brazil, she is happily settled in Berlin and on the instructor’s bike. Nathalie loves to connect and share her creative, latin energy with those around her, so guiding riders through 45 minutes of sweat, sensation and song is a perfect gig for her.

Cycle Coach Ying BW


Ying is a passionate and professional athlete. She has more than 15 years training experience with her in many sports including cycling, triathlon, fitness and many more. Additionally, Ying is also a DJ and cooperate for Cycle Room playlist. Book a seat with Ying and enjoy with the ride!

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Chiara is a level 2 Spinning ® instructor, with additional licenses by Spinning in SPINPower ®, Spinning ® for weight loss, Breathing Techniques, Spinning® for Active Older Adults, and Periodization for Peak Performance. Chiara also holds an ICG Coach By Color® Certification for power-based indoor cycling training and a license as barbell instructor.

Chiara coaches by combining electronic music with power (watt)-based training principles. She will push you to get the most out of your workout. Tell her which goals you wish to achieve and she will tell you how to adjust your training sessions.

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Julia - Service Coordinator
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Lea - Service Coordinator
Cycle Coach Lars BW


As a perfect balance between focus on the job as an architect and the big city life, sports from CrossFit to Cycling become an important aspect in Lars life. Always having a passion for cycling he found the best way to celebrate a healty, fit lifestyle with the fun of coaching a intense 45 min workout here at CycleRoom Mitte. Just book your Ride and get part of a class with joy and power

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With a passion for movement Lisa has tried a lot of different sports – but cycling is her favorite for some time now! She’s been taking classes in every town she lived – Hanover, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Munich – until she decided to become an instructor in 2020 here in Berlin. When she’s not giving classes she’s designing fresh & new brand identities for her clients and enjoying the big city life to the fullest.
If you’re looking for an instructor who brings a lot of fun and laughter to her class – Lisa is your women!

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Lukas is not only a passionate indoor cyclist and coach but also loves to ride his road bike outside. He’s interested in everything that has to do with cycling, indoors and outdoors. Before diving deep into cycling, he used to play golf at a competitive level in the German second division for his team in Dresden but also as an individual athlete in national and international youth championships. Whenever Lukas is not on a bike or on the golf course, he is a law student at Humboldt university in Berlin with an interest in private international law and arbitration.

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I always like being in action; that’s why I developed my passion for Indoor Cycling. Apart from cycling I enjoy going for a run, or doing Pilates and Barre – I always push myself and I feel proud when I reach my goals. In my class, I want you to experience the same feeling! With power and fun, we’ll go through a range of hills and sprints and my aim is to motivate you to reach your goals and feel incredible. You just focus on yourself, push yourself to your best performance and take that Endorphine Hype with you to rock your day!.

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Beside being a brand & marketing badass – Christiane found her passion in indoor cycling many years ago. For a perfect health and fitness balance she also loves running, yoga, Barre and HIIT sessions. Given her devotion for electronic & techno music, Christiane and CYCLE ROOM Berlin are a match made in heaven. She knows what it takes to bring out the best in you in her cycling classes! You can expect incredible motivation, some serious sweating and an out-of-body experience that will push you beyond your limits. She will kick your ass – so join her on the bike!

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“It only took one time for Renja to fall in love with cycling. A track and field athlete in previous years accidentally attended a cycling course in Athens and from then on it became her addiction. She is an Indoor Cycling Trainer certified by AF Studies , and in the previous years she was teaching in Greece. She strongly maintains that when we move together and surrender to the music, we become stronger without even realizing it. The classes will be vibrant, funny, sporty and adapted to all levels.“

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„Due to his passion for music and powerful bass, Alex was hooked on indoor cycling from the start. With an ideal mix of speed, power and intense beats, it’s the perfect sport to consciously switch off and push yourself to your limits.
Alex moved from the heart of Bavaria to Berlin in 2021. Away from cycling classes, he works as a candidate notary as well as a lecturer at university.
Visit his class and see what you’re capable of. No matter if you wish to start the day positively, leave the day behind you or simply grow beyond yourself: Alex will help you do it.“

Carly_Cycle_Room Website


As a senior social media editor in journalism, Carly is used to a fast-paced work environment. A few years ago she discovered her passion for sports – be it cycling, pilates, barre or HIIT sessions.
She has a keen interest in exercise and wellbeing and will guide you through 45 minutes cycling to enhance your own personal fitness challenge – and is sure to make it fun!

Deine Cycle Room Trainer holen mit ihren Playlisten ALLES aus Dir heraus und machen Deinen 45-minütigen Ride zum unvergesslichen Cardio-Erlebnis. Du bist danach ausgeglichen und auf natürliche Art leistungsfähiger.


Du erlebst ein intensives Cardio Training zu druckvollem Bass in Wellen. Mit uns erreichst Du Deine Fitnessziele in Kürze und verbrennst noch Stunden nach dem Workout Kalorien.


Folge dem Bass. Pedaliere, mal schneller, mal langsamer, mal kraftvoller, mal locker, die Musik nimmt Dich mit. Das ist Deine Zeit bei uns.

3,2,1…Lets Go!

Unser Trainingsmodell:

CR45  – 45 minütiges RPM Indoor Cycling Workout mit simulierten Bergetappen und Sprints – unterstützt durch das neuste elektronische Messinstrument – Powermeter von Stages. Alle Trainer führen Dich nach RPM (Revs per Minute) gemessener Trittfrequenz durch Deinen Ride. Du entscheidest an dem Tag, wie weit Du gehen willst.



RIDE & MAT (Engl.) – Kombination aus Cycling und Übungen auf der Matte im Wechsel.


FTP RIDE – (Functional Threshold Power)  Fahren nach bestimmten Watt Parametern auf dem Stages Power Meter. Der Coach führt Euch durch verschiedene Stufen und leitet Euch mit seiner/ihrer Stimme durch den Kurs.


POWER RIDE  -Kardio-Training durch Intervall & Sprints und sehr hohem Widerstand. Hoher Motivationsgrad des Trainers. Laute Musik.


INTENSIVE RIDE – Hochintensives Radfahren in verschiedenen Fahrradpositionen im Oberkörper. Schwere Gänge.

Dein erster Ride:

Der Eingang befindet sich im Innenhof – Schwarzes Gebäude & Goldenes Cycle Room Schild.

Duschen könnt Ihr bei CFM Crossfit nebenan. Bringt bitte dafür Euer eigenes Handtuch mit.


Fahrrad Schuhe von Giro mit SPD Cleats, Handtuch für das Bike und Wasserspender sind vor Ort. Bringe Deine eigene Wasserflasche mit oder Du kannst für EUR 5,00 eine bei uns kaufen. Die Mitnahme von Glasflaschen in den Trainingsbereich ist nicht gestattet.

Unser Playlisten:

In Deiner Buchung siehst Du die Art der Musik für Deinen Kurs. Unsere Playlisten sind auf einer DJ Software“ Ableton“ speziell für ein 45 min Ride mit Tempo und Erholungsphasen abgestimmt. Wir fahren nach Melodic / Organic oder Afro Organza Techno. Unsere meisten Kurse stehen  mit „Berlin CLUBSOUND“ in Deinem Kursplan. Hier ein Beispiel des Aufbaus. Beachte, dass Bässe im PC oder am Smartphone nicht wirklich hörbar sind.